Why will Ostendo’s holographic display on mobiles fail?

I am generally a tech-enthusiast. It is rare to find me criticizing a technology so early in the hype cycle.

However, Ostendo’s new technology of holographic display on mobiles is heading towards failure in my view.

The reasons are fairly clear.

  • Content availability in 3D has always been a spoiler. Something as expensive as a 3D viewer doesn’t have World Cup Football (Soccer) being streamed? Not worth it!
  • Counter argument to content availability is starting with socials and chats and *generating* content. The trouble will be, how would the cameras be placed geometrically during chatting? Avatars may work but novelty will soon fizzle out. Mobility isn’t about setting up speakers and home-theater. How do you think setting up 3D, heck, Holographic 3D cameras would suite a casual chat setup? Just look at poor selfies! Getting decent angles in selfies has been a problem
  • Alone 3D projection isn’t going to be enough. It has to accompany camera on the other side and protocols in-between. There are too many players in these three spaces. Too many cooks have spoiled the broth too many times
  • Last, but not the least, it appears that the projection is likely to be perpendicular to the display. That means, if I could see what is being projected, so would the person sitting next to me. That kills privacy

What do you say?


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