Fascination to 2-D continues

I was editing some Excel sheets. Being a manager, I am just good at this piece of software it seems 🙂 People also warn that if I become executive, Excel will be substituted with Powerpoint.

Anyway, let us return to Excel. It lets me copy-paste in handsome manner. I can paste with/without format, with/without formula and also paste transverse (rows and columns flipped). As a user of Emacs (!a manager using Emacs!) I remember pasting in inverted order also. Excel notably misses this part.

However, yesterday I realized need for one more way of pasting – bottom-up pasting. It is easy to confuse it with Emacs’ inverted pasting. Here is the difference:

Emacs’ inverted pasting still pastes in  “forward” direction, from the cursor rightwards.

What I wanted was to paste from cursor leftwards or upwards.

That means:

  1. “Pasting information” direction may be straight or inverted (like that Emacs’ option)
  2. Pasting direction (as in my requirement) is different and independent from “Pasting information” direction
  3. Pasting direction may be rightwards (as usually done) or leftwards. In 1-D it may not make difference but in 2-D it will make huge difference
  4. Transverse pasting is yet another, independent activity

BTW, are we slowly gathering requirements for Excel++ here? Is 2-D programming really emerging here?


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