Supercapacitance – a misnomer?

High-temperature superconductivity is slowly inching towards room temperature. Superconductivity is the state when any amount of current can flow through a conductor without any voltage applied across.

conductance = current/voltage -> goes to infinity in superconductivity scenario.

Then I imagined a parallel scenario for supercapacitance.

capacitance = charge/voltage -> should go to infinity under supercapacitance scenario.

I tried searching the web for such a phenomenon. Instead, I found the word supercapacitor in Wikipedia and such places, which means very high capacitance – but not infinite.

Then comes the reluctance (mathematical inverse of inductance). Roughly speaking, superreluctance should mean any rate of current raise with no voltage across the coil.

I have not seen any reference to any observed phenomena like supercapacitance or superreluctance.

And just imagine if supermemristance was observed!

Having such phenomena observed and mastered will open up amazing future.


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