Ceiling fans – suicide prevention

You probably won’t feel the pain of this post if you haven’t lost your classmates of college days, resigning to life, hanging on themselves ceiling fans. I have lost one of my such friends – and memories of my term as the assistant coordinator of PG wing of IIT Kanpur during 1993-1995 just makes me even more sad. Suicide prevention teams of IIT’s suggest getting rid of the ceiling fans altogether in favor of table fans. I am not sure what the plans of IITs are or whether it would ever be done.

But, then, someone was thinking! According to the news in a local daily of my mother-tongue, when a teen in the neighborhood of Prof. R.S. Sharma of Jabalpur Government Medical College hanged himself to death, Dr. Sharma didn’t feel sad, he felt challenged.

With the help of local workshops, he made a suicide-proof ceiling fan – by attaching some springs instead of normal pipe on which the fan hangs. If someone tries to hang himself/herself, the springs will just elongate. Try your luck elsewhere!

I hope this news is true – and I congratulate to Dr. Sharma on this. He has applied for the patent – and may be grated.

As a society, we should make it compulsory for ceiling fans to be hung by springs. If that means the doctor turning into a millionaire, let it be so!



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