Ceiling fans – power saving

It is quite coincidental that I am writing second post on the same appliance in the same day – the ceiling fan.

While the previous post is all dark about suicides and all, this one is green.

As we know, resistive fan regulators have been banned for a long time. They were terrible waste of energy. Now at least we pay for the electricity in proportion to the speed of the ceiling fan.

I think a lot of more energy can be saved further by just relocating that ceiling fan.

In a rectangular bed room, a ceiling fan is typically located at the center of the room. This makes the arrangement beautiful – and wasteful.

Typically a ceiling fan in the bed room is used when the users are sleeping on the bed. A bed is seldom in the center of a rectangular room, right?

If the ceiling fan is moved just in the center of the bed, instead of the room, one needs to run the ceiling fan one or two settings down because of reduced distance between the fan and the user.

Simple saving, green life!


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