Liberal Chess and Recoil Chess – idea generations in action

Here is another idea in generation…

Recently, the GoI went on a hanging spree and hanged a bunch of terrorists. These were men who killed innocent bystanders, children and women. In my opinion, such people are better done away earlier.

[Notice the necessity.]

Needless to say, human rights group jumped and demanded abolition of death penalty in India. I was angry. How is it that a government catches a terrorist, looks after till he dies natural death and victimized society keeps paying bills to keep him alive? That means if you kill someone, you are guaranteed to die natural death by the society! Something must be done to show where human rights groups are WRONG.

[Notice the frustration.]

I like thinking about alternate chess.

[Notice the distraction.]

In English, they call “capturing a piece” for which Indian languages use “killing a piece”.

[Notice the lateral information.]

So, let us play a chess game in which if a piece captures a piece from opposite side, it becomes illegal to capture the capturing piece. After all, that is how liberals think world should function, right?

[Notice the invention!]

Now notice how traditional dharmik religions think of violence.

[Notice another distraction.]

As per dharmik religions, your bad karma will have equal and opposite effect. It is like recoil of a gun.

[Notice the lateral information.]

Now, let us apply this recoil condition to chess rules.

Capturing is:

1. A piece being captured will be removed from the board and

2. A capturing piece will go back in a recoiling fashion. If it isn’t possible to move back in same manner (say you are trying to capture something very far ahead and there aren’t enough squares behind you), capture is not possible

[Notice the invention!]


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