Five Dysfunctions of a Team

This book is deceptive in the following sense: team building is easier read than practiced. This lucidly written book makes even reading about team building easier than ever.

I liked this book of the author much more than “Five Temptations of a CEO”. This book is more lucidly written. Still, I disliked too many “they”s from the style point of view.

The fable has a simple plot – how to make a team out of a group of individuals.

To those who have not handled dysfunctional teams, this book may give some idea. However, this book glosses over a lot of gore.

I have successfully reconstructed a team in past and it was much uglier than this.

Without unwavering support of one’s boss, one should simply forget about team building. It is psychologically so taxing, if a book describes that, it won’t sell well.

I will recommend this book to every mother-in-law-to-be and every daughter-in-law-to-be in India.

As I have maintained, team dynamics in Indian society sucks big way. This book addresses some of the key issues Indian social reformers and activists should examine with a microscope.

In essence, the book talks about five dysfunctions – all rooted in absence of Trust.

Absence of Trust -> Fear of Conflict -> Lack of Commitment -> Avoidance of Accountability -> Inattention to Results

(which should continue to Inattention to Results -> Lack of Learning from Difference from Expectations -> Open Loop System with no feedback and high-frequency, frenzied response)

It may sound contradictory how “Fear of Conflict” eliminated, and with increased conflict, teams function better. Trust me with the author, well-functioning teams are VERY NOISY.

This is one of the reasons why democracies are way noisier than autocracies.

Should read? Yes, but reading alone won’t be enough. It has to be practiced and imbibed.


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