Laptops, tablets and cell phones – a crucial feature is missing

I know that YouTube has turned into almost a university, paralleled only by Wikipedia. I am a Wikipedia rat. However, I am a VERY reluctant user of YouTube. Why?

Because YouTube involves sound. Unlike vision, sound can’t be restricted with default Laptop interface. One needs headphones to keep nicety and privacy.

Carrying around headphones is a pain. Big headphones can’t fit into a pocket. Small ones get torn off or jumbled. Bluetooth ones are quite expensive. It is quite a hassle carrying them. And it is so easy to displace them! They aren’t simply there when you need them!

There is a simple solution!

Just provide headphone fixing slot in the case of laptops and tablets – and cell phones! Because there is a handy, logical, neat, stylish place to keep small headphones, they will REMAIN there.

The other way to see the idea is:

Display : Head phones = Projectors : Loudspeakers (= Keyboard+Mouse: Microphones)

I bet with this simple change, audio interface itself will see huge surge in popularity.


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