Who Moved My Cheese?

Good read. Bigger fonts. Small size. Simple plot. Simple message. Gives vocabulary to describe response to change.

Through “a story within a story” Spencer Johnson tells simple message: Be Prepared for Change.

From literature point of view, I haven’t read many “a story within a story” plots in Western literature. Indians mastered it in Panchatantra and Hitopadesha. Arabs mastered it in Alif Layla – or Arabian Nights. This is an attempt to also yield Hitopadesha-esque moral weaving.

At times the author is able to create good humor.

However, prologue by Kenneth Blanchard is disproportionately bigger than the small story – and actually adds third story and makes the beginning of the first story very bore. My advice is to skip the prologue – and even the envelope story and go directly to the Cheese.

Must read once.


One comment on “Who Moved My Cheese?

  1. Yash says:

    Once when at Walmart a long while ago, I picked up this book from the shelf and started browsing it. Before I knew, and before the rest of the family completed the shopping, I was more than half way through! My recollection is that it made for a fascinating read, however, the details are missing from my memory.

    Thanks for this post. I will make it a point to read this book again.

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