Next jump of evolution of animals – an engineer’s point of view

Come on! Biology doesn’t fit in “from concept to consumption” right?

Assuming we living things are consumers of evolution that is designed, I think next jump in evolution of animals is mis-specified.

Most people talk of next step of evolution – talking mostly about evolution of humans.

I am talking about non-antropocentric view of evolution. What may happen to animals in general? If there were designers behind evolution, what must the next big release contain?

One of the intriguing steps in evolution of animals was development of alimentary canal – food is taken from one end and its waste is disposed from the other. This is pretty neat approach. It keeps the process streamlined. One of the most successful human engineering concept, assembly line, is a mimicry of this mechanism that has not changed for million of years.

As a  successful designer of alimentary canal, I would advocate next version of evolution (probably using Quadriploblastic germ layers). Here are some candidates

  • Lungs should have two openings – one to breathe in and another to breathe out, less energy demanding routine task if only two valves are provided
  • Female organs should have two openings – one for fertilization and another for delivery of an egg or an offspring, reducing death rate of fertile female and/or promising offspring
  • Probably even a water canal separate from food canal – repeat the success!

Specialized organs have worked well. So, the next version should include the following:

  • Bifurcation of male organs – separate outlets for urine and sperm (see above a case for separate water canal). As urination is more frequent, save the fertility by specialization
  • Bifurcation of nervous system – one for sensory input and another for motor output – and probably a bridge of interpretation. Increased specialization may result in more senses and wider spectrum of each sense. This is away from the classical “computation and context” bifurcation of human brains

From two chambered heart in fish to three chambered heart in amphibians and reptiles and four chambered heart in crocodiles, birds and mammals, evolution in circulatory system is a big hit. So,

  • Further specialization of heart and circulatory system – to send and receive blood to purification systems like liver and kidney. In stage 1, there could be a six chambered heart, in stage 2, there could be an eight chambered heart

Can you suggest more ideas? Here is the guideline for suggestion. I would love to hear more about the fifth set.

Set 1: From technology to evolution -> Wheels, USB port/cell phone in brain, carbon fiber bones, a lie-detection mechanism …

Set 2: From one life form to another -> Photosynthesis, organ regeneration, flight, sensing magnetic field, generating electrical shock, …

Set 3: From knowledge and imagination to evolution -> Eyes on fingers, survival in space,  …

Set 4: Just stretching existing abilities -> Infrared/Ultraviolet vision, ultrasonic and/or infrasonic hearing, …

Set 5: Proven evolution extended -> items posted earlier in this post


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