Before they use testing terminology …

I was working with a staffing specialist. S/he was very keen on using testing jargon. In order to educate her/him, I gave the following table to her/him.

Do you agree with my view on Testing activity?

(I will fine tune the tabular presentation once I master entering pure HTML tables with bells and whistles in blogs)

Team Development QA CTO
Testing Type White Box Black Box
Inspiration from Code Standards Functional Specifications System Specifications Bug Reports White Papers
Category Name Development Testing Compliance Testing Functional/Feature Testing System Testing Customer Scenario Testing Competitor Testing
Examples Unit Testing Standard Compliance Testing Functional Testing Performance Testing Escalation Handling Reverse Engineering
Integration Testing Fuzz Testing Negative Testing Stability Testing Typical Customer Deployment Scenario Testing Competitive Analysis/SWOT Analysis
Coverage Analysis Compatibility Testing Security Testing Capacity Testing Interoperability Testing
Profiling Combinatorial Testing Stress Testing
Load Testing
Delayed Response Testing

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