House remodeling and an idea about printing

House remodeling is marching on.

Today, it costs INR 14.5 per sqft to paint a wall. It costs INR 100 per sqft for glass. Carpentry costs INR 850 per sqft. Pretty expensive!

One of the most intriguing options is “false ceiling” for INR 55 per sqft. I don’t know what they call it in the US.

The idea is to hide imperfections in the ceiling and provide lighting points at correct places.

A false ceiling is actually a hung artificial ceiling. It is hung with aluminum sections, which in turn are drilled in the ceiling (or a wall). It can’t take any load.

The material used is 4’X6′ gypsum boards. It can take any color, wall paper and finish.  [Some guys even claimed to me that they can make it appear like polished teak!]

Having said that, the most expensive finishing is (obviously) canvas paintings. A 2’X3′ replica of a good painting of Raja Ravi Verman is whopping INR 4,500! phew!

I always dreamed of having “There comes Papa” and “Lady with a lamp” in my sitting room. I find it too expensive!

Then I found them on bamboo rolls for INR 2,800 each – and they were snapped before I can set my hands on them.

Nevertheless, I was suspicious of the longevity of the medium.

This gave me an idea.

Saint Gobain has standard sized 4’X6′ gypsum boards available. These boards can take *any* color.

Why can’t we design a printer for these boards?

After that point, we can just print out of copyright replicas of maestros on a VERY reliable medium with minimal cost!



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