Imperical principles of interior design

I must have changed around 9 houses after marriage. I have been living in my own house since last 5 years or so.

Of late, we are working towards remodeling our house. We started registering all the points that we think we should change.

Interestingly patterns of changes started emerging. I am registering them here:

  1. Keep as less number of walls as possible. You can always use grills, curtains, glass or acrylic if you need
  2. Keep as less number of lines in the map as possible. Align lines while the plan is being laid out. Be extra careful about the beams and columns. They are thicker than usual walls and may create lines where you didn’t expect. Take extra time to understand beams, which won’t show up on plans
  3. Be careful about the roof slope. It can put the ceiling view in a room in an odd shape
  4. In the master bedroom, keep windows as towards the corners as possible. This frees up space for bigger bed and a picture on the bed
  5. In other places, keep windows to the center of the wall
  6. However bad it looks, keep as many the electric switches in a board as possible. This frees up space for paintings and furniture
  7. Hall/Sitting room/Family room lights are usually towards the wall AND dining space has light centered
  8. Keep the flooring of the same color as far as possible. Uniform flooring beats high cost flooring
  9. Truly useful interiors are somehow shunned by general public. Examples are
    1. foot pedal activated faucets
    2. vitrified tiles, vertical shutters instead of doors
    3. a hand rail in the bathroom
    4. a basket elevator across floors
    5. a strong stone in the kitchen to crack coconuts
    6. modular furniture
    7. moveable walls
    8. rain water storage
    9. A patch of oil paint around switches etc.
  10. Only vertical blinds are useful on windows.  Curtains and horizontal blinds don’t control light and visibility effectively
  11. Keep all the furniture – and even partitions wheeled. A house for party looks different than a house on Monday morning
  12. Do NOT go for solid wood furniture. It is very heavy to move a mahogany bed around
  13. Do NOT go for big furniture. Use small pieces
  14. Have at least 20% of spares for each type of tiles when you construct the house. Tiles companies don’t care about after sales support. I’d prefer to use local stones instead
  15. Lighting and false ceiling planning go together. Spend a lot of time here
  16. Drinking water arrangements are easy to forget to plan
  17. Hooks on the wall are easy to forget to plan
  18. Garden hose has to have a control in your hands, not across a wet lawn!
  19. Sound waves behave differently than VHF waves of cell phone towers! Worry about acoustics if you don’t want to shout at your family AND worry about good cell coverage if you don’t want to shout on the phone
  20. Uninterrupted power supply is important to Wi-Fi modem, cordless phones and other transponders. They, with uninterrupted power connection need to be placed in the center of the house!
  21. Charging for your cells is very important! Make sure each room has a table near to a plug
  22. It is easy to forget to plan for collecting clothes for washing in each bathroom
  23. If you have multiple floors in the house, near to the stairs, keep an area of “collection for other floor(s)”. It saves a lot of going up and down
  24. Plan the garden for the shadow of your and neighbor’s house. This one is tricky!
  25. Plan for the swinging furniture – khaaT, paaT, jhoolo, hinDoLo, paaTiyun, garden jhoolo, single swinging chairs, hammocks – whatever! It takes double the space but multiplies relaxation infinite times
  26. If you are allergic to dust, make sure you don’t get carved furniture, cornices or false ceiling
  27. In warmer places, mosquito proofing supersedes asthetics
  28. In any place, pest proofing supersedes asthetics

What else have you learned from your life that should be added here?


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