Setting on the top, standing like a book and hanging on the wall

Talk about changing world!

I am remodeling my house. The first casualty is old entertainment center. It was suitable for old CRT TVs. 2 feet deep. After all the TVs in my home became hanging on the wall LED or LCD TVs, it looked very out of place.

Interestingly, I could not gain as much space as I thought before remodeling. Current horizontal nature of appliances around TV are still horizontal, forcing me to keep an L shaped entertainment center.


Accessories to the TV is still living in CRT era.

  • 10″ deep  set-top box is still trying to sit on a box which is hardly 1″ thick
  • A Blu-Ray(R) player designer had happily ignored the fact that TVs were shallower than a tenth of existent DVD players of the day
  • My home theater is crowded to death with buttons just because the designer still chose to lay the PCB horizontal

The only exception was Wii(R).

And you got it correctly. Even Wii got it wrong by standing like a book, not hanging on the wall.


Going by interior fashion of the world, a TV is supposed to get a wall of its own. All other appliances sit at the feet of the TV, taking another dimension.

I bet the designer of those appliances must be cursing their luck for the lack of space on the front panel.

Is anyone listening?

“DESIGN YOUR DVD/Blu-Ray/STB/Apple TV/Game Consoles/Home Theaters AS HANGING ON THE WALL TOO!

You will have as much space for buttons as you want. You will also be able to have fanciful LCD control displays.

Save real estate! Often real estate is expensive than the appliance! People will LOVE this packaging differentiation!”

Get it?


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