An humble way to health

Objectively speaking, each life form is a food to some other. Human beings are no exception.

Subjectively speaking, letting our kin die at the jaws of animals of prey or diseases is very painful.

We have overdone protection against wild cats. Now wild cats need protection from us.

We have anti venom for most poisonous bites.

Most diseases that can be prevented through immunization have been successfully controlled – starting Small Pox and the latest being Polio.

Suddenly, avoidable reasons for death – cancer (most of this is tobacco), accidents, heart diseases  and diabetes (most of this is bad food and exercise habits) are now bigger threats than fellow life forms.

Can human life expectancy still increase through technological means? Can humans lead better life through technical means? How?

Ironically, the answer was already known to Sushruta. He stated succinctly: Minimize Contact.

Recent fight against malaria in Africa by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is won not by vaccinations and immunizations but by humble mosquito net. Just minimizing contacts with the vectors!

Interestingly, we can fight water-born diseases and flu also this way too.

Foot pedal is our new friend. Just replace taps (faucets) and handles in public buildings with foot pedals. If hospitals can have them, why can’t schools and hotels and airports and railway stations all other places where people gather?

I bet if implemented with zeal, foot pedal can bring flu, jaundice and typhoid outbreaks under control. What comes in contact doesn’t go near mouth and/or nose – simple and effective.

You’d ask what is wrong with sensor based taps (faucets) and doors? Remember two facts

  1. Most of these diseases are pandemic to developing world
  2. Uninterrupted electricity is a luxury in most of developing world

So, electricity or not – just replace handles and taps (faucets) with foot pedals to get rid of water-born diseases and flu.


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