Further from Search, Sort, Group, Filter, Hide, Unhide and -do-

Information collation and presentation turns out to be a favorite topic on this blog.

So far we have covered number of ideas on Search, Sort, Group, Filter, Hide, Unhide and -do-.

Today I want to draw attention to another possibility of enhancement of presentation of structured information: ability to shift columns around.

Trivial, or pedantic as it sounds, being able to move around columns enables reader to comprehend the information in many ways.

For example, by moving sales data rightwards to bring margin near to sales zones, one can literally shift focus of thinking of self and audience.

Another useful case is when the data is grouped (on multiple keys), the reader intents to ignore these keys temporarily. So an intelligent rendering machine should shift group key columns to the right, keeping interesting columns to the left. [If you are reading in a right to left language, shifting direction should reverse.]

Why is such simple implementation not tried out by someone? What do you think?

Do you think being able to shift columns may also be useful? More? Less?


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