There is a difference between building a house and having a baby

There are a lot of similarities between building a house and having a baby.

  • If babies are not accidental, they usually come with great planning – so do houses.
  • They require long term commitment
  • They age
  • They are almost always imperfect
  • Experienced eyes can spot the imperfection easily
  • Yet, no owner of a house or parent of a baby would like to accept that their new step in life is less than perfect

Just the difference is, imperfection in a house is preventable.

For example we could’ve prevented a blunder in my friend’s new house. The sewage pipe from the top floor in his home passes over the kitchen table at the ground floor! By the time we saw his house, concrete was cast, plumbing was done and paint was applied.

With social networking becoming popular, at least house plans can be put to suggestions before the first brick is laid.

Reading a map may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Aunt Polly can see a 3-D house model on Facebook and sure comment about the need of a skylight in the attic.


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