About Ice Cream Flavors

This blog is “from Concepts to Consumption”. Why should I spare ice cream flavors from consumption? 🙂

My children think there is only one ice cream flavor in the world – chocolate. I sometime argue that their world is too – chocolatized. They don’t listen.

Nor do ice cream vendors.

Just count how many ice cream flavors your corner-of-the-road parlor has? Vanilla, Chocolate, Butter Scotch, Strawberry…

I have eaten garlic flavored ice-cream in “Garlic Capital of the world” Gilroy.

Ice cream flavors can learn a lot from Shrikhand flavors, milk shake flavors, Faloodah flavors and all the milk sweets flavors of India. Some of the vlavors are

To cut the sweet story short, let me jot down the list I can think of: (red ones are tough ones to manufacture, blue ones I have eaten)

  1. Spices and herbs
    1. Saffron – why not? If vanilla can, saffron can do it better
    2. Cardamom
    3. Nutmeg
    4. Ginger
    5. Cinnamon
    6. Turmeric (! Try it !)
    7. something that is called pippari mooLa in Indian languages
    8. something that is called viDanga in Indian languages
    9. Rose petals and/or Gulkand
    10. something that is called yashTi madhu in Indian languages
    11. Tea (! Try it !)
    12. Something called bhrungaraja in Indian languages
    13. Fennel seeds
    14. Basil
  2. Nuts
    1. Chironji
    2. Cashew
    3. Coconut
  3. Fruits
    1. Chickoo
    2. Seetaphal (Sugar Apple)
    3. Lychee
    4. Jackfruit
    5. Banana
    6. Mango
    7. Fig
    8. Dates
  4. Cultural flavors
    1. khowaa
    2. chhenaa
    3. panchaamrutam
    4. Sago
    5. ThanDaee
    6. baLee
    7. Matka kulfi

So my food lover friends, what other flavors would you like to eat from Baskin & Robins Indian 31+?


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