Need for multifaced communication

We have it in Object Oriented Programming! We call it “private” and “public”.

We just don’t have it properly  in the communication applications.


We can mark a calendar and attach documents. Once we attach a document, everyone can see it.

What if I want to attach a document (like an employee’s review) for my view only?

It must pop up with the appointment – for me only.


And I can CC and BCC a mail. But I can’t do the following:

If  I have to set context of the mail to some senior member like: “John, here is the problem person Jack. We need to make sure he understands how to deal with this kind of situation.”, I need to send two separate mails – the second one being explicitly to John giving the context and another including Jack, which is my public face.

Why can’t my single piece of thought, be expressed as as single piece of communication with different faces?


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