Audio Zoom

I had this idea nagging in my mind. Auditory sense lacks one feature that visual can offer.

Today I could name it: Zooming.

Eyes can focus in a solid angle (theta and phi) to a significant resolution, without ignoring the distance (r).

Ears can also focus in a solid angle to a significant resolution.

Ears can’t distinguish between “loud” and “near”.

That is why, a camera can zoom in but a sound recorder can’t. There is just a focal length adjustment in a camera but the microphone HAS to move nearer.


As the readers of this blog are aware, I rate Internet and Wikipedia as great tools to humble ourselves. By the time one thinks of a problem, someone else has already thought of a solution!

Here is the news about solution to Audio Zoom.

Interestingly, Wikipedia doesn’t have any entry even about the concept of Audio Zoom.


The idea is good. It is just for the closed field. It can be of use of ESPN but not of Animal Planet.

However, I am very glad that someone thinks about such problems and are actually able to do something about them!



2 comments on “Audio Zoom

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