Policies of distribution of an entity over many possibilities

  1. First Come First Served (Always order the first dish)
  2. Randomized (Close the eyes and put a finger on a random menu item)
  3. Round Robin (Go around the menu)
  4. Weighted Round Robin (Order every %3=0 dish twice)
  5. Hashing (Order every “day%7″th dish)
  6. Most Used/Historical correlation (Always prefer to order the same dish)
  7. Historical anti-correlation (Never order the same dish again)
  8. Priority based preemption (Order my favorites as they are made and toss away the one I am having)
  9. Favorites (Some dishes are always popular, no matter who orders)
  10. Least Recently Used (Order what we haven’t eaten in a while)

Which ones do I miss?


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