My friend in energy industry reacted to my idea about Moore’s law for Cars in a bit surprising way. I am not a mechanical engineer so it was difficult for me to have imagined what he was talking.

He told me: “Bhushit, you don’t need all that improvement in piston based engines. We have already done a lot more in turbine based engines. All you need is change the piston based engines to decent turbine based engines!”

Well, I searched on Wikipedia and what do I see? It is a solved problem! However, government killed turbine based car project of Chrysler in 1970’s! And mind you, it was not environment, it was economics! The thing worked on edible oils, kerosene, diesel, gas and gasoline – with NO2 emissions under control. Mind you, the page doesn’t quantify improvement in the fuel economy.

This article of 1972 discusses it in more balanced fashion. It still doesn’t discuss possibility of gas-steam combination and whatever improvement happened after 1972.

Can someone educate me more?



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