The “Home Dome”

I am a big fan of I-Max domes. So much so that I had written to them a number of times for coming up with a Home Dome.

Recent development in Germany about a panoramic camera rejuvenated my hopes about such an invention.

It is simple – just shoot things in I-Max format and broadcast/multicast over a medium. On the client side, there will be a Home Dome of about 7 feet diameter with chairs inside the screen (instead of a big home-theater screen in front of chairs). The Home Dome may hang above from the roof like a chandelier when not in use.

True immersion!

Just imagine watching World Cup Soccer finals, Olympics, National Geographic or war scenes on CNN!

(I am sure more creative brains can imagine more applications ;-))

And as a programmer, I don’t know how many times I miss immersion in a day!


3 comments on “The “Home Dome”

  1. Yash says:

    Only one comment regarding “I am sure more creative brains can imagine more applications”. Not many of those creative brains, putting aside the matter of whether they are truly “more creative”, think of this concept to begin with.

    Great thought! I wonder, may be your home domes are already installed in Ambani and Birla homes; and are on their way to getting inside the common man’s home.

  2. bhushit says:

    Guess why Ambani’s and Birla’s won’t have them.

    That is because mass media is such a leveler.
    Until a mass media technology reaches to sufficient critical mass, your receiver is a paper weight for the lack of content!
    HDTV or BluRay or any other technology could be an example.

    I am not sure whether the so called “fax phenomenon” is applicable to broadcast medium like Home Dome. However, in one-to-one communication, usefulness of a technology increases by O(n^2) because each added user adds n*(n-1)/2 possibility of connections.

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