Invention second greatest to fire

Everyone would jump to say “Wheel and axle!”

I differ.

The second greatest invention to fire is not wheel and axle. In my view it is that of water storage.

No other animal moves with a hollowed gourd or a pot. That doesn’t make it one of the greatest invention.

Animals of prey generally hide near water holes. When a thirsty animal comes near the water hole, making itself an easy prey.

In this light, you’d see having a water bottle reduces frequency of getting near the source of water and as a corollary, increases chances of survival. Isn’t that fantastic?

Second point in favor of this wonderful invention: Elephants don’t roam farther away from source of water. With ability to store water, human beings could spread in much bigger radius.

This invention is some shades inferior in usefulness to that of fire.

  • Fire can cook – a water bottle can’t
  • Fire can help fight better with bigger animals – a water bottle is much weaker
  • Fire can help migrate to colder climates – a water bottle can help increase radius of spread but can’t change climate
  • Fire could be a basis of metallurgy – a water bottle has little to do with inducing chemical reactions
  • Fire can serve as a source of lighting – a water bottle can’t

One comment on “Invention second greatest to fire

  1. Yash says:

    Well, you might be right. It’s a nice analysis, did not think too much along these lines.

    It might be useful to have the comparison of the water storage tool against the wheel and axle or farming or weapon making or abode-making, and so on. Points where the water bottle beats all the competition and vice-a-versa. No doubt all of these and many more helped in the survival issue.

    Also, the comparison you have against fire and water storage is a bit one sided as you show. Two “adversaries” of such a comparison on a more equal footing might be fire versus water. The latter would win probably.

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