Exercise machines inspired by horse (animal) gait

I am always fascinated by quadrupedal-ism as an exercise option.

My logic is, our body has genes that predates bipedalism by millions of years. That means our ‘natural’ build is quadripedal.

I was reading about horse gait. If we go through all the four gaits on a bicycle kind of a machine with four pedals, entire abs, back, chest, arms, hands, legs and feet can be exercised very well, inclusive of muscles of asymmetric movement!

In other words, if I aspire to be as strong as a horse, I have to run like a horse – literally.

It is possible to come up with cheap gym equipments by just using bicycle machinery. Has anyone tried this? Can someone send a pointer to such equipments?



2 comments on “Exercise machines inspired by horse (animal) gait

  1. Yash says:

    Interesting thought, Bhushit!

    • bhushit says:

      I would really love to experiment. Need a workshop guy to help me out 🙂
      I fancy a bench with four pedals on one side (90 degrees apart) – and such quadrupedal mechanism. (16 pedals in total.) Perhaps the hand side may have two length – for arms and for hands.
      In second version, we may be able to “revert” the movement of any side. So if the basic movement is clockwise, one can also do some anti-clockwise in selected limbs.
      In third version, we may tilt the whole mechanism at desired gradient.
      In fourth version, we may address more axis of movement – but this has to be done on separate quadrupedal machines.
      I wonder whether a prototype may cost more than a couple of hundred dollars.

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