Chair Mouse

If you ever had a repetitive motion injury (RMI) like carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis due to overuse of mouse, you can relate to this post very easily.

A mouse is not just a mouse. A mouse can also turn into a track ball or a track pad.

Interestingly, perhaps due to Motion Studies principles, a mouse uses the fastest and the farthest muscles of body. This results in faster and more accurate movements.

The flip side of this is that the fastest and the farthest muscles are also the weakest. This leads to higher RMI.

Yet another painful fact of a computer user’s life is the sedentary nature of job. The body doesn’t move!

Most of my friends’ dream second job is that of  (hold your breath) a postman!

Why can’t we make the body move significantly while operating a computer?

While Gmail Motion was a hoax, it was not a completely bad idea. If you take away the requirement to stand, the idea makes perfect sense.

Our laptops have at least two cursor handling (pointing and clicking) devices for a cursor.

Now look at your chair and look at your mouse.

Both of them move in two dimensions. The mouse has a left and a right button. The chair has two arms.

Why can’t we use the chair as an additional mouse?

If clicking may be substituted with pulling some levers on the arm with your biceps and pointing may be substituted through your legs, thighs and waist, geeks will be one of the fittest guys on the earth!

And I don’t suggest substituting a mouse with a chair mouse. Just have it along with the traditional mouse!

What do you say?


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