Good Inventions that could Doom the Civilization

Here are some good inventions that could doom the civilization – in order of most to least likely to occur in future:

(Let me know your views.)

  1. Simulated touch – can cause artificial, remote or recorded sex very “realistic”, causing a major blow to marriage and other means of getting sex
  2. Immortality – because the life would then reduce to infinite consumerism and suffering of the sick, aged, disabled and dismembered will drag to infinity
  3. Understanding Revolution – in line of current phase of Information Revolution, storage, processing and communication of understanding or even the whole personality
  4. Moore’s Law equivalent for Energy – for more energy use would cause green house effect to go out of hand
  5. Human Photosynthesis – because it eliminates the basic helplessness about food, exploiting which the society stands
  6. Time Travel – because future is a result of collective exercise of freedom of choice. Traveling in future means forcing others’ will

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