Why don’t attempts to replace petroleum succeed?

Since the petroleum crisis in 1974, every now and then the world gets “Find an Alternative to Petroleum” fever.

Petroleum is depleting fast. Petroleum is controlled by very few hands. Petroleum is polluting. Petroleum is getting expensive every now and then. A lot of people would love to see petroleum substituted.

Why don’t attempts to replace petroleum succeed?

That is because a lot of people would love to see petroleum NOT substituted.

Petroleum is a multi-billion dollars a year industry. So many people are earning their daily bread from exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, storage, distribution, trading, speculation, regulation, adulteration, siphoning and so on. Many more are working on designing, manufacturing, selling, re-selling, repairing and regulating petroleum based vehicles.

These people have to worry about their cash flow, taxes, retirement, building their house and educating their children. If you were them, would you love petroleum substituted? No!

These people, people like us, at least subconsciously defend their business every time an alternative emerges. This is one of the biggest resistance to finding an alternative to petroleum.

Mind you, so far, petroleum has succeeded in keeping its place secure and we can’t beat it.

Then the strategy should be, not beating it, joining it.

How? Keep reading for “Moore’s Law for Cars”


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