Hide unused icons? Yes, but do more please!

Every now and then Windows asks me “Do you want to clean up unused icons?”

Good feature. Say “yes” and unused icons clean up from the desktop. It tidies up the desktop.

What about the reverse feature? “Do you want to add frequently used icons on desktop?”

That would enhance user experience in equally great way!


2 comments on “Hide unused icons? Yes, but do more please!

  1. Rakesh Bhat says:

    it will be also very useful if the command prompt saves frequent commands

    • bhushit says:

      Nice idea, Rakesh.
      It is pretty much possible to achieve this in CLI of bash. Here is how I’d do it.
      1. Manipulate history keeping of bash to count the most frequently used invocations of commands
      2. As is, pressing up/down key navigates commands in bash. Now add sensing of ctrl+up/down to navigate through most frequently used invocations
      Another interesting phenomenon in UI area is the “cycles of invocation” – like “editing, compilation, run, debug” cycle in development, “open, edit, close” cycle in office application or image manipulations. If one can detect such cycles from history, yet another navigation mode (like ctrl+up/down) may be designed to
      a. select and enter a particular cycle
      b. navigate in that cycle
      c. break that cycle to return to normal shell command mode

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